IPH半导体中度严苛系列汉钟真空泵用途: Etch, Implant, HDP-CVD, SACVD, MOCVD, PECVD, LPCVD, ALD 特点: IPH系列螺杆真空泵能够在广泛的应用领域提供优良的性能,适用于严苛制程。 它优良的性能源自于转子排气路径和优越的转子型线设计。 汉钟独特型线设计,上海,台湾,制造。 较之前的版本节能25%,配置有省电模式。 带有加热系统避免制程物沉积。 优化的尺寸,即插即用。


Hanbell after service system provide 24 hours, 7 days of week, 365 days of year, no break service.



All the hanbell service engineers are special trained. They all reached high service level in industry field, and they are full of skills to repair and maintenance the power equipment, control system and the package. Hanbell China technical engineers will be response the technical problem within 8 hours, hanbell all world support system will be response the troubles and difficult within 24 hours. If there is request or emergency situation on site, hanbell service department will arrange service engineers to customers site within 24 hours. There is most advanced communication system in hanbell for contact and arrange the service engineers.



The manufacture center, service center and spare parts warehouse which located Shanghai will provide the stable promise and strong support, and will provide the standard brands spare parts with preferential price. At the same time, our service engineers will contact with the customer and find out whether the equipments are all right commonly, even often go to visit the customer.